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Thread: Getting Back into the Swing of Things...

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    Red face Getting Back into the Swing of Things...

    [FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=3]Here goes nothin'! After a long hiatus from the world of Crested Geckos, I'm beginning to pick up the hobby again. With GUSTO! I've long been awaiting the opportunity to get back into Cresties, and now that I've got the room and the means...I went and did a thing! Seeing that AC Reptiles had their 'Motherload' up for grabs...I bit the bullet and bought one! Still waiting on cooler weather for shipping, but in the meantime I get to be crazy-busy making 50+ hatchling tubs and getting my rack systems back in order! So...I look forward to seeing you all around the forums and I can't wait to post pictures of the un-boxing insanity that will no doubt ensue once the order arrives.

    Alyson from Colorado, over and out. For now!
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    welcome back to the addiction! cant wait to see the new ones!
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