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    so i just got a baby Mediterranean gecko and i don't know a lot about them but i know he needs a hot side from mid 90's and lots of humidity from about 60-80% and that i can you coco fiber as a substrate and mealworms will be good to feed hid for this size anything else i'm missing? oh and i was able to find out the gender any tips to find out or do i have to wait until its alittle older to find out thanks

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    I got 3 turkish/mediterranean geckos last month, a division of the local zoo had them running around the building freely and they became somewhat of a problem . Get the little guy lots of hiding places (PVC pipes, bamboo sticks, branches, fake plants, they love hiding in the most unusual places). You can wait until its gender is more obvious, but it's pretty much the same as with other geckos - check for pronounced pores above its vent area.
    Btw, if you ever hear a strange "tic tic tic" sound, it's probably the gecko. You could try feeding tiny crickets or some type of fruit fly along with the worms, just make sure they're not any bigger than the space between its eyes. Good luck with your small one!
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