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Thread: Help! My giant african millipede escaped :(

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    Exclamation Help! My giant african millipede escaped :(

    Hi guys- new to Pangea, and a new millipede owner... Feel so sad I didn't keep a tighter lid on my new pet millipede. I made her a medium sized terrarium as her new home before finding a bigger tank... And as a lid I taped down thick paper onto the entirety of this glass tank. Somehow she must have pushed through some of the tape and crawled out.

    Two questions for you guys- besides leaving a dish of veggies out that could attract her, do you have any other hints for tracking her down? Checking all the dark corners of my room now.
    Also, is she in danger of being eaten by a mouse? I live in a big, old house and there have been a couple mice running around here lately.


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    Since this was a while ago, if you haven't found the millipede it's probably dried up and died by now... They're pretty poisonous, so I don't think mice would've posed a threat. But in case something like this ever happens again, you could put damp newspapers on the floor to provide a moist refuge that the critter might find and hide underneath.

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