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    So ive been wanting to add to my collection of crestie tank decor without buying a ton of expensive stuff. I saw one the other day where they took a toilet paper tube and attached it to the top of the tank, it sounds pretty neat but i havent tried it. My cresties favorite thing is a PVC pipe with 2 elbows at the end and one end is open. It goes all the way across the tank and i use suction cups. The open end is so i can see him. But the elbows face up as exits on each side. Anyway, im looking for more ideas like that. Thanks!
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    I've found that the decor from home decoration stores often works amazing. Things such as their fake plants, ensuring it's free from foreign objects and give it a proper leeching before hand. Also I saw other things and if I had the time and extra capital I'd have done it.

    Namely an entirely bioactive tank using nothing but foam, cork rounds, and great stuff to build a slice of heaven. You'd be able to create tunnels, ledges, canopys, plant baskets, hides, light water falls into shallow ponds...I mean the possibilities are endless lol. Filled with living breathing plants and microfauna. I'd really like to build one that's 10' wide, 5' deep, and 6' tall for a rainbow boa, complete with a waterfall into a mini pond whose depths would be view able from the face of the enclosure.

    More on your direct post though, some gardening/hardware stores sell lengths of bamboo. You can take these and twirl fake leafy vines around it, glue them together on the bottom and make a bridge, put suction cups on the end and now you have a real flukers bamboo pole lol. Also, many people take PVC and cut a length slightly taller than your cage, paint it like bamboo, then wedge it between the roof and the floor, you now have a true bamboo shoot.
    Put suction cups on half of a coconut shell, now you have a gecko basket =3.

    The paper towel roll will just be ruined after one nights misting.

    What I do is I shove pieces of cork bark into the foam backgrounds so I have protruding ledges.

    This is my males enclosure, he's ~15gs atm and I'll be moving him to a larger soon.

    My females enclosure 28g's

    I actually changed it up a little so it's even more oriented for an arboreal species.
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