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    Default breeding weight

    what is the minimum weight that I could breed my geckos at?

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    I wouldn't breed a female until 40 grams personally, but some will say 35. I'd do 35 for a male.

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    Ok, I have a male and female both at 33 grams so I will wait a little while before breeding

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    I would suggest filling your brain with all the knowledge you can gather and then fill it even more before breeding. I may be wrong but from the threads I've read of your questions you don't seem to be up on the breeding knowledge in my opinion. I have read and copied and pasted every single thing and article that I could find and I'm still learning new things every time someone posts. I'm not trying to upset you but the minimum weight is just that a minimum weight and not all geckos are designed to breed at that minimum weight.
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    I def wouldnt breed at 35 grams for a female. Id do 40+. Def do a ton of research and i would def not suggest even attempting to breed unless you've owned them for awhile and get a good understanding of them. Too many people rush into it

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