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Thread: Coconut Fiber Substrate cause impaction?

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    Default Coconut Fiber Substrate cause impaction?

    As the title infers, I use a coconut fiber substrate (with moss covering about 70% of it). I've seen our crestie, Taylor, get the substrate in his mouth when he pounces on his victim. I read elsewhere on here that bark substrates can cause impaction because the cresties can't digest the bark. It looks like the coconut fiber has little pieces of bark in it, so I'm wondering if I should be concerned about impaction with this substrate.


    Thanks in advance!


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    I think it will be fine if it's only a small bit but next time you feed taylor, put it in a separate container and feed there with no substrate to greatly reduce the chance of dirt getting ate
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    Most gecko can handle a bit of small particle substrate like coconut fiber. It's the big pieces like bark chips that's worrisome, but coconut fiber is pretty fine. If you're worried, you could always cover the substrate with some dead leaves (leaf litter). It makes a barrier between gecko and substrate and it greatly adds to the natural look if that's what you're looking for. I agree with Last Creature, offer crickets in a separate container. Most cases with gecko getting a mouthful of dirt happens when hunting. These geckos don't seem particularly agile when it comes to hunting, at least from what I've noticed from my gecko, so it's easy for them to miss and get a mouthful. I would be cautious though and not use this for young geckos especially.

    A few threads I was looking on about the subject:


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