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Thread: Reptile Expo chahoua pricing.

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    Default Reptile Expo chahoua pricing.

    What should someone expect to pay for a mainland chahoua at an expo. There is an expo in a month from now, and I want to get one. Thanks.

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    Here in spain you can find Chahouas for about 90-100 euros of course, depending on the morph

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    A mainland juvenile Chahoua should be priced from $300-$450 depending on lineage, etc. Adults will be a bit more expensive. Adult females can go as high as $700+. There seems to a shortage of adult Chahoua females and many who have them are taking advantage of the situation by demanding high prices.

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    gotcha thanks for the info guys. In your experience if you saw a mainland going for $300 and a PI going for $350, would you go for the PI? I have heard of PI going for $350 at expos unsexed. I mean its an expo so I'll try to haggle a little of course.

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    It may depend on where you live, but $350 for an unsexed hatchling PI is a good price. I paid more for mine. If you do get a chahoua, you'll want to know as much about its parentage as possible in case you decide to breed it in the future. There's a limited gene pool, and you'll want to avoid inbreeding.
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