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Thread: Female Crested Geckos

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    Default Female Crested Geckos

    Female / 29 grams / $180

    I will have 3 other red females joining me in a couple of months so I have decided to sell this one.

    She has an amazing appetite, grows very well and if fed an appropriate diet, she should make breeding weight this season.

    Approx DOH 2014

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    (2) Females / 29 and 30 grams / $220 group price

    For the above and below geckos

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    You can message me on here or email me at for inquiries and additional photos

    * List prices do not include shipping *

    I will not ship until temperatures on both ends are safe.
    I can hold a gecko with a 20% (non-refundable) deposit and provide 30 day payment plans.

    Message/email me your zip code and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a shipping quote.

    I might also add, I will not issue refunds, full or partial, for dropped tails during shipping or upon arriving at their new home. I apologize but it happens sometimes with these guys.

    Both are being fed Pangea with weekly b. dubia roaches and are kept on paper towels.
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