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Thread: We will miss you Spike!!

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    Unhappy We will miss you Spike!!

    So recently my big german giant bearded dragon Spike has passed away. We aquired him from a friend who was giving him horrible care when he was only 4 years old. He was underweight and had severe MBD. When he came into our care he was loved by everyone and he was my first reptile. We had him for a good 6 years until he passed of a severe lung infection(reason he got it was unknown because he was kept in perfect conditions) he has taught me so much in the years Ive had him and because of him, reptiles are my favorite!! I used him as an educational animal teaching kids that reptiles aren't monsters, that they're sweet and cuddly. I miss him so much already here are some photos, in memory of my big guy Spike
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    (Sorry about them being flipped, no idea why that happens)
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    Sorry for your loss. He had some good years with you!
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Beardies are such characters, they really do make nice pets. RIP, Spike.
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