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Thread: Tips for Moving my Reps!

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    Default Tips for Moving my Reps!

    I am moving soon and I am moving quite a distance. I need help with how to move my babies! I have 1 Gargoyle Gecko, 1 Red Eared Slider and 2 Tarantulas. I already know how I am moving my Tarantulas (Though if you have any tips on those, I will gladly hear them!) but... I honestly have NO idea how to move my RES and Gecko.

    I am moving from South Carolina all the way to Colorado. Quite the distance! The furthest I've traveled with critters before was from Pennsylvania to South Carolina so this is by far the furthest. How do I go about doing this? I need tips on how to transport them, keep them watered and fed and most important of all, the least stressed out!

    So, how should I go about doing this? I am moving next month in mid-February and the car WILL be heated so I'm not worried about the heat IN the car. Thank you for any and all advice!!

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    Plastic storage totes with holes drilled in them, that will give them room to roam and for bowls and places to hide. I doubt the gecko will eat for the drive and I'm not sure about the turtle.

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    For the turtle, you obviously don't want water splashing everywhere but you obviously don't want it dry, I'd get 2 or 3 layers of a thick paper towel or use a couple face cloths and get it pretty wet, then the turtle gets a nice wet area so it's skin won't dry up but not water splashing everywhere. For the gecko use sandwich boxes with holes poked in the top, get some damp paper towel with some sphagnum moss(if you have any) and that should work fine to keep them humid. I put all my animals in separate containers then all the containers in a cooler thing for pop/food etc for camping just to keep it dark and less stressful for the turantulas I'd just use a sadwich box with really lightly misted paper towel or a thin lair of dirt/slightly moist sphagnum so their not wet but they have something to hold onto. That is quite a far drive and your gecko definitely won't eat on the way but that's fine. About halfway through the drive I'd stop and offer the turantulas a cricket incase they feel like eating, I'd offer the turtle a few pellets but it's unlikely it'd eat either. Always have extra papertowel/sphagnum moss close in case someone poops on the trip which will not be fun to have in with them. In a shallow dish offer all the animals water but in a humid environment they should do well, keep a dish of water pellets in with the turantulas though. Gecko/turtle should do fine. Good luck! Let us know how the move went when you're done
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