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Thread: Super Dalmatian crested geckos

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    Default Super Dalmatian crested geckos

    Males and females
    Ink blots and red spots
    Juveniles and adults

    I don't have time to be sending descriptions and photos of every single one that I have, so please let me know what you're looking for (sex, age, price range, color).

    I also have 30 melamine plastic reusable food dishes (soy sauce ramekin type) that are dishwasher safe (not microwave safe). Cheaper in the long run than using reusable dishes. And you are going green by reducing plastic waste!
    3.75" diameter

    $30 for 10
    $40 for 20
    $50 for 30 (plus 90% leftover bag of 8oz Pangea CGD)

    Also willing to trade for the following items:
    Koi and fancy goldfish
    Freshwater stingray
    Coral (particularly Zoanthids and euphyllia)
    Electronics (particularly super zoom digital cameras or apple laptop)
    Bird cage of around 36"x36"x24" with 0.5" bar spacing.

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    I have a few left. If you sent me a message on here, email me at because I don't get PM notifications on here.


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