I have 5 baby Crested geckos for sale, as multiple or single. My female laid some eggs and decided it would be nice to hatch them for the experience. The hatch dates are as follows

1) 12.7.15
2) 10.29.15
3) 10.25.15
4) 9.29.15
5) 8.13.15

Singles would be for $40 and entire lot for $200. Would be sold in deli cups for transportation.
I would like them to go to someone with some knowledge of them, as why i'm posting them on here.

Located in Bergen county. No shipping, pick up/meet only.

These are all pictures of the day they hatched. I can attach current photos later.

1)12.7.15 Name:  12.7.15.jpg
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2)10.29.15 Name:  10.29.15.jpg
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3)10.25.15 Name:  10.25.15.jpg
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4)9.29.15 Name:  9.29.15.jpg
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5)8.13.15 Name:  8.13.15.jpg
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