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Thread: **LI, NY**3 Adult Female Cresties, 18x18x24 cage + extras

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    Default **LI, NY**3 Adult Female Cresties, 18x18x24 cage + extras

    Due to recent work constraints I have been downsizing my collection considerably. Today I have 3 females, all of whom have been bred before successfully. The red and yellow ones I rehomed together from a woman who acquired them at White Plains Reptile Show. They have lived together their entire life. The Green one I rehomed from a woman in 2010 who had little info on her. See pics below

    Tank & Exo Stand:
    Name:  IMG_20151205_144241167.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20151205_144303702.jpg
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    Front of tank siliconed black:
    Name:  IMG_20151205_152122740.jpg
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    Sides of tank Siliconed black:
    Name:  IMG_20151205_152141125.jpg
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    Back of tank siliconed black:
    Name:  IMG_20151205_152152800.jpg
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    3 Planters mounted into background:
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    Name:  IMG_20151205_145103042.jpg
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    Extra Hex-shaped stand
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    Misc lights and supplies:
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    Name:  IMG_20151205_145228737.jpg
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    Gecko One: Female, approx 5 yrs old acquired from White Plains Repti show

    Gecko Two: Approx Age: 5yrs acquired from White Plains Reptile Show

    Gecko Three: Approx 6-7 years old. Proven breeder with beautiful head structure. Gave me at least 10 gorgeous babies

    I am looking to get rid of everything together. $300 gets you:

    *The 3 Crested Geckos
    *One 18x18x24 Exo-Terra cage with custom Great Stuffed and coco-fired background with 3 planters mounted into the background, Siliconed black back, sides and front.
    *One Exo-Terra Terrarium stand for 18x18x18 or 18x18x24 Cages
    *One Exo-Terra Terrarium stand for 12x12x12 or 12x12x18 Cages (Unpictured but brand new)
    *One Hexagon wood stand can be used for hexagon fish tanks or 18x18 cages
    *One Exo Terra Canopy light for 18x18 cages
    *Book: Crested Geckos in Captivity by Robbie Hamper
    *One Medium Zilla Heat Mat (for a snake, don't worry never used for Cresties)
    *7 misc repti food/water dishes by ex terra, zilla, etc
    *3 Aquarium Lights w/ fixtures (two 24" and one 18")
    *4 18x24 sheets of tropical terrarium background paper
    *1 multi purpose tank (see pics)

    I believe $300 is an incredible deal for all of this considering I could ask 100 for each Crestie alone. Please PM me on here as I would like my geckos to go to a loving forever home and not just be flipped. I will be reading your previous posts to see what type of user you are to come to a good decision. Thank you

    ***Local pickup only.*** Located in Nassau County NY - Bellmore PRICE FIRM

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