Everything you need to start raising Crested Geckos. $125 firm. This is everything I have left/not interested in trades. The KKs and driftwood alone would cost you well over $150 retail. Will NOT separate.
Indianapolis area pickup/meetup. Shipping possible, but would probably cost more than this special price!

13 small used KKs with 13 lids
7 medium used KKs with 6 lids
3 new small KKs with lids (not pictured)
1 new medium KK with lid (not pictured)
3 bags of organic Spaghnum peat moss for lay box substrate (not pictured)
Nearly a full bag of Hatch Rite egg incubator substrate (not pictured)
3 small bags of vermiculite which can be used in lay boxes or in incubators (not pictured)
4 plastic incubator boxes (not pictured)
Clamshell containers
16 ounce deli containers and lids
1 pound bag of vermiculite
5 Separated plastic containers great for egg incubation
6 reptile bulbs
1 green accent light
2 temperature gauges
1 temp/hygrometer
1 hygrometer
Electronic scale
Long metal tongs for crickets
2 lighted loops (30x and 60x)
1 set cage locks
2 light clamps
Misc suction cups
Couple hundred disposable food and water dishes
Disposable food mixing spoons/forks
2 clamp lights
2 power strips
1 gecko candle holder
Remaining bag of 2 pound Pangea Fruit Mix/at least 1/2 full
3 spray bottles
Box of medium sized gloves
A gallon and a 1/2 of distilled water
Cricket dusting cup
4 squeeze food bottles
Rep-Cal 1/4 full
Egg shovel & brush
Cleaning supplies: scrapers, scrubbers, 3 full bottles of Chlorhexidine disinfectant
Extra hygrometer batteries
Misc markers
Mold for freezing food in advance
Forceps and tweezers
Hand sanitizer
Small ceramic crock dish
3 large hand made climbers suitable for adults
2 small climbers suitable for hatchlings
5 medium sized pieces of treated driftwood
2 hides (coconut shell and bark bridge)
2 plastic displays (brochure & photo)

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