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Thread: Does my gecko not like her terrarium?

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    Default Does my gecko not like her terrarium?

    So I have had a new gecko for a month now in a 12x12x18 zoo med. She is 10/11g and seems to be doing well so far. My one question is, does she not like to climb around/is my viv too cramped or something? At any point when I walk into my room after my beardies lights go off. say 10pm(an hour after lights out) she will always be on the tank door. Even if I dont go into my room till like 1am, still the same. She always seems to be sitting on the door of the viv and I have no idea why.

    Anyone shed some light? Ill post images of the tank soon

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    Probably just her favorite place to perch.

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    Ya I have one just chills on a piece of cork bark on the ground almost 24/7 I never see him on the glass and he sleeps in the open on another piece or cork silicones at the top sometimes.

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    I have built both of my geckos nice naturalistic vivariums with plenty of things to climb; my female's favorite spot (where she easily spends the majority of the night) is on top of one of the exo-terra monsoon misting heads. I had to remove moss from my male gecko's tank because he doesn't like the feeling of wet moss touching his feet. I think some geckos are just more peculiar than others lol


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