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Thread: Soft tummy while pregnant?!

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    Default Soft tummy while pregnant?!

    My female created gecko has been laying eggs for roughly the last 5 months. She's done great with all of them but something weird happened with this clutch. About 2 weeks ago I noticed her belly was getting larger so I knew she was carrying again. However, today when I went to check on her belly was soft with some extra skin and she seemed a lot slower and maybe a little weaker. She's always been very fast, strong and active. Especially while she's carrying. So the soft belly and the lack of it Should indicate that she laid her eggs but I searched the entire cage multiple times and there are no eggs at all. Is this something I should be worried about? She still seems a little plump but she definitely doesn't feel normal.

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    I would say it could just be loose skin. Keep an eye on her and make sure she's eating well and staying hydrated. Many get worn out from laying all season and need to be separated, if she's not already, from other cagemates. However, there are complications that you could run into so you should use your best judgement on whether a vet trip is necessary.
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