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    Default Vivarium help

    Hi everyone,

    I set up a vivarium a few months ago but it had a mild fungus gnat infestation. I think I have removed most of the gnats (no more adults maybe some larvae in the soil, I am still treating the viv). But I have started to see some other bugs in the soil and I wondered if anyone knew what they may be and if they are harmful to the environment or a crestie? I have a crestie in a 18x18x12, while I deal with the gnats in my 24x24x18 terrarium.

    I'll attach some pictures of the bugs they are not great but any help is appreciated. As the pictures will show, I used potato slices to "lure" the bugs out I placed them on the soil for 4-8 hours.

    thank you!
    Sorry it was hard to get a clear picture of these little guys

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    You can see the oval shaped bug in front of my thumb on the top of the potato

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    Can't really see them that well, but I'm guessing they may be springtails who are good clean-up scavengers.



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