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    Default Room heating?.

    I'm not sure where to put this post?. Someone suggested I use a space heater for my crested geckos instead of heating each tank. Sorta makes sense, I thought leaving a space heater turned on 24/7 was a fire hazard?. Maybe space heaters are better now?. Temps get down to 50F during the winter inside so that's what I'm heating from. Would like to heat the crested geckos up to 65F.
    What really needs to happen is the furnace needs to be replaced so the house doesn't have these heating issues, but that's beyond my income.

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    My suggestion would be to get a space heater that you can program to stay at a specific temperature, that way it's only on when it gets below the temperature you set and not all the time. I have one that we leave on 24/7 and even all year long and it hasn't caused any issues yet since it only turns on below the set temperature
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