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Thread: Metronidazole Flagyl?

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    Default Metronidazole Flagyl?

    I have noticed that Pangea Reptiles sells a med called Metronidazole Flagyl. Is this a good item to have on hand for emergencies?. Is it not safe to use for someone who isn't experienced enough in treating sick reptiles?.
    With fish I was used to having meds on hand if they ever got sick.

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    I think it would be ok to keep on hand. I don't know how detailed the instructions are but I'm sure it will explain how to measure and dose based on the weight of the animal. Be sure to get the dosing syringe listed on the site, they can be difficult to obtain locally without seeing a vet.

    HOWEVER, it's not recommended to just treat gecko you believe is sick without first determining the cause. A vet should be used to diagnose, and then you can skip the (likely more expensive) prescription and use this. Other meds may be recommended by vet, so discuss whether this product (Metronidazole) is appropriate.
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