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Thread: Communal female crested gecko tank?.

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    Default Communal female crested gecko tank?.

    If I am planning a communal female crested gecko tank, would it be harmful to place one female in the intended tank alone for months before getting another female?.
    I wanted another female crested gecko about right now, but I'm not sure if it's a good time to add a new crested gecko right now. Could I setup a single female alone and then add 1-2 females later to the same enclosure or will the resident female have become too territorial being alone for a while?.

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    Usually it's best to add them at the same time, females can be territorial. Also be ready to separate in case they don't get along. I have a couple of females who won't tolerate other females in the tank.
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    I agree with Spyral. It's best to add them all to the tank at once, and to make preparations for housing them separately in case they don't get along.

    FWIW, I have 4 sisters in one very large enclosure (2 feet wide, 1.5 feet deep, 3 feet high).
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    There.s no problem if you clean the tank an rearrange the things in there....then in a box you should put the females to introduce them in a neutral area...and then add them to the terrarium. (It will be like new and the girls sitting once there will not recognize because you clean an re-arrange evrything).
    P.s ppl from this site give me this solution when i asked. Also they could get good togheter...but there was cases when girls fight afther 8 months of sitting together. they say be ready to separate them in any day ...


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