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Thread: Bare bottom tanks for crested geckos?.

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    Default Bare bottom tanks for crested geckos?.

    I sometimes keep bare bottom tanks for crested geckos, something one of my FB friends thinks is a bad idea and had advised me to cover the bottoms with paper towels instead. The thought hadn't occurred to me that a bare bottom tank would be bad since they enjoy sticking on the sides of the glass.
    One of my bare bottom setups was for a female that had issues eating the substrate and I almost took her to the vets over it. Thoughts?.

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    Its just a lot more work to clean a bare bottomed tank. Also with nothing to wick away moisture the water will pool on the bottom of the tank making puddles. Which will deter your geckos from going down to eat or hide. I would do papertowel, It works great and is super easy to clean.

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    Just more of a pain due to the above reasons. Not harmful IMO unless you aren't providing adequate climbing branches. Paper towel is quick and easy but some geckos make a mess of it as well or will bite pieces off of it.
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    Lmao all three of my geckos have taken chunks of paper towel. I always whatch when I feed so I can pull it out usually but they have swallowed some before and I haven't had a problem with them digesting it. Not that its recommended to let em eat it haha but I still use it makes life way easier...their poops get huge

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