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Thread: Sauce cups for Pangea feeding ledges.

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    Default Sauce cups for Pangea feeding ledges.

    I'm looking for a non disposible option or even a more sturdy re-usable option for Pangea feeding ledges. I found little metal sauce cups online, but problem is I can only find them online so far not in a "brick in morter " store. I have no idea which ones might fit.
    Is anyone using these metal sauce cups and knows which ones fit in the feeding small ledges?. I'd probably order about two dozen I have extras and don't need to clean them everyday.

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    I *love* the metal sauce cups. The ones I have are 1.5 ounce and they usually fit in the regular ledges the same way as the plastic Solo ones do. I'm not sure if they fit smaller ledges. The 2-2.5 oz cups are a little taller and won't fit as well. Get the smaller ones, I would get 1 oz if they were available.

    A more eco-friendly version of the plastic cups exists, as do paper serving cups that could be composted but not re-used. Another re-usable option that won't fit the ledges are ceramic ramekins that are also used to serve sauces.

    I've tried many options and the metal ones are my favorite because they are easy to clean and don't break.
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    The little metal sauce cups are excellent. I just deeply prefer just being able to toss my little 1 ounce cups every couple days.

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    this seems like a very environmentally aware option and I'd like to try this. where can you find metal cups?

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    Spyral, any specific brand names that would fit?.


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