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Thread: Millipedes in the substrate

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    Default Millipedes in the substrate

    Hi all,
    I have been seeing an increase in millipedes in my substrate lately. I don't mind them since my gecko doesn't seem to mind them - they are only in one of my two vivs. But how much is too much? I have recently seen soup spoon sized clumps of them in areas where the dirt gets exposed.

    I take them outside and put them near my bird feeder.... But then about two weeks later, another large clump will show up, teeming around a turd or food dribble.

    Who has a good way to keep them in balance? Or should I even bother? Should I even add a few to my other Viv....

    Thanks all!

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    Good news: millipedes are harmless to geckos. The best thing is to ignore them. When their food source(s) get depleted, their population will drop by itself. In the meantime, at least they are cleaning up your gecko's turds.
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