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Thread: Four "buns in the oven".

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    Default Four "buns in the oven".

    I'm incubating four crested gecko eggs. I'm being an excited hobbyist here as I've never hatched any reptile eggs before. I have four terrariums setup for these potential hatchlings when they arrive.

    I never candled the eggs, they were assumed fertile, but we had some high temps sometimes and I understand this could be a risk for developing crested gecko embryos. I have also usually run an air conditioner during the hottest temps.
    I've noticed the first set of eggs that have at least another month to go, have gotten larger and fuller then the next set that was just laid yesterday. So I assume this means the first set is still alive and developing?.

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    That is the normal progression, for fertile eggs, so it sounds like your eggs are doing fine.


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