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Thread: denting eggs

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    Hi Ingrid from what you've told us the only thing I can think is like Sanskirt says lower your temps just a few degrees and keep us updated. Best Wishes , Crestedjunkie

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    iv never breed before but am absorbing all the info i possibly can for the time when i do but 12 eggs in one year sounds like a bit much to me ...... also the humidity should be 80% right and the temp should be 75 right? and when you take the eggs out you should take them out with a latex glove on? sry dident mean to take over the thread
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    Ok I just figured I'de contribute to this one because I have about a 99% hatch rate. I just take a large plastic dish put about 1 inch of perlite, moisten it to where it feels damp but not real wet, and bury the eggs exactlly the way I found them to where only about half of the egg is exposed. I keep them at 74-78 degrees and keep the lid on tight. Only opening it up every now and then to prevent the air from becoming to stagnant. That's it, it is so easy guys.
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    Thanks for all the comments,
    Next year she will start laying eggs again and then I will try a cooler temp.
    Hope it works then, think it can't go wrong again.


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