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    UPDATE - 26/08/2015
    Siberys had another shed Monday night. She appears to have removed it all cleanly this time, with no strands or patches remaining. She then proceeded to spend all of Tuesday up until nearly midnight curled up inside a fake flower. Even as a guy, it was extremely cute. No subsequent vet visits occurred, and her leg is slowly reducing in size. Originally nearly 15mm across, her knee is now heading closer to 8/9mm. She still cannot put her usual weight on it, but she is improving.

    Just wanted to thank people for concern and advice.

    Short and sweet first - further background info at the end if needed.

    Our 2 year old Female Crested Gecko, called Siberys, has rebroken her rear right femur (vet confirmed), suspected to be caused by straining during a difficult shed. We have removed skin from toes, back, tail, jaw, most of her head and flanks, and treated sensitive skin or tear wounds with Flamazine ointment on herp vet's recommendation (used it before on another crestie who rubbed her head too much and tore skin). It's a miracle (or credit to handling), but she hasn't gaped, bitten or panicked, she still has her tail and is taking CGD from a teaspoon. Partner and I are heartbroken and want to know if there is literally anything (no matter how minor) that can be done to help further, particularly with her leg. Vet is an experienced herp vet, but only mildly with cresties and can only advise care, ointment, water baths and diet control.

    She is 38g at last check, housed with another (39g) female, no bullying or disagreements at all, 45 x 45 x 60 tank on coco fibre and orchid bark, 70 - 85% humidity, 20 - 25 degrees (varies), fed a CGD diet, 12 hour UVB cycle, pictures at (actually have more decor now, but no recent pictures).

    Current care plan is skin removal and ointment every other night, more ledges than necessary now created to encourage rest and to discourage climbing and hanging, and relocation if we catch her hanging on the bad leg.

    Background: Siberys was "bought" (rescued) from her previous owner who had not noticed a pathological fracture which had healed incorrectly, was keeping her on coco husk at 25 degrees, 65% humidity, with a single piece of bark and one fake vine for cover. At 18 months she was under 25 grams, skittish as all hell, housed next to a snake, with a diet of pure jelly treat pots and waxworms. Miraculously, she did not have MBD. She is now one of three and is loved immensely.

    Any and all advice much appreciated.
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    I'm no expert on crestie's with broken limbs, but my advice would be to house her separately at least until her leg is healed. I would put her in a 10 gallon, so its not tall to encourage climbing/jumping. Keep humidity a little higher than normal to help with shedding. Make sure she has moist moss at all times that she can curl up in. You are doing great things for her and its obvious you love her! Hope her little leg gets better soon! I loved their pictures!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kacy View Post
    Make sure she has moist moss at all times that she can curl up in.
    The one thing missing haha. The pair of them drag the moss everywhere but they'll just have to put up with it! Much appreciated.

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    I second keeping them separate. She should be on her own to heal up. Sounds like you are doing everything else right.
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    Haha yeah my two that are together make a mess of their moss too! But my female loves napping under it like a little blanket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyral View Post
    I second keeping them separate. She should be on her own to heal up. Sounds like you are doing everything else right.
    I'm not sure about separating them. She's a very odd character and as mentioned was in a terribly skittish state of mind when we got her. She has since formed a very noticeable bond with her tankmate, Paarthurnax, and visibly calms down when they are close to each other. They often sleep side by side, Siberys will follow Paarthurnax around, and if she's being restless and agitated when out whilst the tanks are cleaned, putting Paarthurnax near her settles her right down. I know that ordinarily it's the best option to heal alone but she is a completely different gecko when she's got Paarthurnax nearby.

    We quarantined her as standard, slowly introduced them to smell, sight and finally proximity to each other, then moved them in. Honestly, the difference is astounding.

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    Posting for Update.


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