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Thread: 2nd Live Vivarium

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    Default 2nd Live Vivarium

    Hello everyone, I would like to share my newest viv that I have just finished. My first viv can be seen here A few months ago I acquired a new gecko, a female orange superdal, who will soon inhabit this new tank. It's an 18x18x24 ZooMed that I picked up for 36$ on clearance brand new! For this tank I decided to use a drop in ZooMed cork tile background, and Malaysian driftwood for the hardscape. I was going for a "weathered stump" look. Its actually 4 pieces that were gorilla glued together. So, here are some pics!

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    Plant list:

    2x Neo "Fireball"
    2x Neo "Chiquita linda"
    Unknown Neo
    Pilea "Moon Valley"
    Pilea "Friendship"
    Pilea "Creeping Charlie"
    Pellionia "Watermelon"
    Pellionia repens
    Microgramma sp
    Microgramma sp
    Pyrossia nummularifoli

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    First update for this one; everything is coming along well; the broms have thrown a couple pups, and the pileas on the ground are really starting to fill in nicely. Haven't had a lot of vine growth in this one compared to my first one, not sure if its just the species I have in there. Here are the pics

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    And the two vivs together on my desk

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    They both look great! Awesome job! Must be some happy geckos.
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