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Thread: Anyone got or seen anything like this before?

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    Default Anyone got or seen anything like this before?

    This little one is one month and a day old today and is showing some awesome color and the potential to be something really different. It is always wonderful when you work to produce something different, and perhaps it is even more special when something pops out that's different and was completely unintentional on your part!

    This baby comes from my super blotch project which has produced some really nice animals for me. I am of course holding this back to see if it develops into what I'm hoping to see.

    I'm seeing very pronounced orange banding along with what might also be stripes of orange down the dorsal. This will potentially develop into a spectacular super blotch, thick bands or may even combine stripes and bands. As it is only a month old and coloration improves with maturity, I'm excited to see what becomes of this creature. What do you think?

    With a dime for size comparison... plenty of time to develop!

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    That's really impressive colouration for such a small one!
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    That is freaking adorable! I love the garglets. And so much color on this wee one! S/he should grow into a gorgeous adult.
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    Beautiful! Reminds me of the patterns on some blue tongue skinks.
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