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Thread: Gargoyle sexing help

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    Exclamation Gargoyle sexing help

    Hii all. I have got 5 gargoyle gecko but Im not sure they are male or female. I wrote their weight. Please help. Thanx
    Name:  20150624_120238.jpg
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    Name:  20150623_134030-1.jpg
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    Name:  20150623_020739-1.jpg
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    Name:  20150623_020444-1.jpg
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    Name:  20150623_020221-1.jpg
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    Any idea ?

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    Female, male, and three unknowns. Anything under 15G is going to be a toss-up without a loupe, even the top picture could be a male at an awkward angle/sitting on the base.
    Keep in mind also that males are going to be very obvious once they've begun to show. What you thought was large already will become hard to ignore.


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