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Thread: Needing major calcium sack advice

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    Default Needing major calcium sack advice

    Hey guys! It been a while I've since I've been on and all is good. Except my gecko is very stubborn and will not let me see his calcium sacks. He gets dusted insects/banana every other week and eats and poops. He is healthy as far as I can see. But I can't see the calcium sacks. He has no sign of MBD I just want to make sure he is healthy. Any tips in how to get him to open wide? Rubbing his face is unsuccessful and he doesn't bite. Help?
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    If you gently mist the eyes of Gizmo and hold him/her in front of you so the mouth is facing you and you wait while they clean their eyes you may be able to seem them. A flash light or a high source will come in handy.


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