Here for purchase are Dubia Roaches. These are all freshly molted, young adults that you can feed to your reptiles or even breed them. We recommend purchasing this for breeding Dubia Roaches, but this would also make a great meal for reptiles like monitors, geckos, bearded dragons, etc!

Roaches are fed with premium roach chow along with fruits and vegetables. Many other variables are controlled as well to prevent any mishaps from occurring including humidity, temperature, cleaning, etc.


Male Dubia Roaches: $0.50
Female Dubia Roaches: $0.80

Shipping cost is always $6, no matter the amount of roaches ordered. We will just need to confirm if we have that many roaches.

We ship through USPS. We guarantee that the Dubia Roaches will arrive alive and healthy if your regional temperature ranges between 45 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Please be sure to accept your package on the first delivery attempt or else the live arrival guarantee is voided! Make sure to double check that your address is also correct!

Once we processed your order, we will only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure that the package won't be stuck at a post office over the weekends. Any others past Tuesday will be shipped next week ASAP.

It is not our fault if your roaches are left out in the post office or in your mail box under poor weather conditions!

Note: We do not ship to Florida, Hawaii, Alaska or internationally!

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