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Thread: Gargoyle Eating Habit.

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    Default Gargoyle Eating Habit.

    Hi all,
    Im new to this site and new to keeping a gecko really as I am a snake person however have over the previous months have kept a gecko!
    My female gargoyle is a female and is over the age of 1 as I know of, whom has laid 2 eggs already since purchasing her.
    I understand that gargoyle's are usually arboreal however she does spend most of her time in a hide at the bottom of the tank.
    She spends some time up on the exo terra background high up, however is never usually on the branches/logs of such.
    She is eating repashy and wax worms(as a treat) every other day however does not seem to want to eat live locusts.
    I was previously told before purchasing from the shop she was eating locust no problem but she doesn't seem to hunt on a night for the live when I leave it in the tank.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I remember reading something, if they are not eating the live food take them out as they can stress the gecko, how much truth to this others can chime on on. I wouldnt worry about her not eating locusts, as long as she is eating the resp. Crickets ect. Are just a treat. I feed mine one or sometimes two Gutloaded dusted crickets once a week or so. As to where they spend their time everyones different mine spends alot of time up in the (trees) i made i say 70% of the time rest under the (tree) or in one of the caves. Some spend more time on the ground depends on the garg.


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