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Thread: Gargoyle Gecko Horns

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    Default Gargoyle Gecko Horns

    I am looking for any information (Or links to info) on gargoyle gecko horns. I have been trying to get breeders with larger ones and have them as a nice trait. Are they like Crested Gecko crests and the larger the better? Are they born with the same structure or does it improve with age?

    These are my 2 breeders and my hold back from last years breeding.
    Opinions on their structure? Sorry if I get the morphs wrong.

    This guy is Onyx a yellow super stripe male (?)
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    This is Spirit Quarts (Spirit) My high contrast bold stripe female
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    This is our little hold back Obsidian she sits at about 20 grams. Not sure on the morph
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    Meep! So cute
    5.6.1 Crested geckos
    1.1.0 leos
    1.0.0 Gargoyle

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    That black and white stripe is to die for! Gorgeous!

    I would personally pay good money for a gecko with good head structure, but it seems that most people care more about high color/clean patterns.


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