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    Hello all,

    We have a female gargoyle that we got as a baby about three years ago. She just went down to the bottom and dug a hole and stuck her rear end in it so I am pretty sure she's going to lay an egg/eggs. This is all new for us as this is our first and only gargoyle and the first time she has done this. She's never been with a male since we got her so obviously this is an infertile egg. Can anyone offer any tips or suggestions to make this go as smooth as possible? This just happened as we were getting ready for her misting and feeding. Should we leave her alone? Should we mist and feed like usual? She seems like she doesn't want us to go near her which makes sense and we don't want to freak her out. How many eggs do they usually lay? How long does this process usually take? Do we need to make any changes to temps, moisture/humidity or anything like that? She has been acting normal up to just now. I guess I am just worried about her not being able to pass these properly. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Females will lay two eggs. You would do best to leave her alone until she has deposited her eggs. You will know she's done when she returns to her higher resting spots in the cage. She may or may not eat immediately after laying, so keep watch over her. She will need to replenish her calcium, so offer calcium dusted insects.

    You should also remove the eggs so that they don't grow mold.

    I'm sure I must be forgetting something, but I'll let the more experienced keepers answer with more detail.

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    Continue to mist and feed as normal. During the day when she is asleep you can check the hole to see if she's laid them. Sometimes they only lay one, or they wait a couple of days between laying them both, especially for their first time. If you don't find them, in a couple days handle her and see if she has any signs of egg binding - big belly, sunken hips, looks dehydrated. This is a sign to take her to the vet since they can get egg bound.

    She may continue to lay eggs throughout the breeding season despite not being bred. Mine usually only lay duds once or twice a season when they aren't bred. If she continues to lay, she may do this once a month so make sure she's eating well and maintains her weight.

    Good luck!
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