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Thread: Bongo's , bamboo's and more Ball python

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    Default Bongo's , bamboo's and more Ball python

    Bamboo Green Pastel Female 200g $6000
    Bamboo Green Pastel Female 200g $6000
    Bamboo Green Pastel Female 150g $6000
    Bamboo Pastel Male 150g $6000
    Bamboo Pastel Male 450g $7300
    Citrus Dream Bee Female 150g $1200
    Lesser Bongo Male 250g $7500
    Ultramel Male 150g $650
    Pastel Candino 400g $850
    Lesser Pastel Bongo Male 150g $9500
    Banana Lemon blast Male 150g $650
    Banana 220g Male $400
    Banana 230g Male $400
    Banana 210g Male $400
    Banana 200g Male $400
    Banana 235g Male $400
    Banana 150g Male $400
    Banana 300g Male $400
    Banana 200g Male $400
    Banana Pinstripe 300g Male $550
    Banana Spider 325g Male $550
    Banana Spider 300g Male $550
    Black Head Male 300g $800
    Champagne Banana Male200g $800
    Champagne Banana Male 250g $800
    Cinnamon Bongo Male 130g $5400
    Cinnamon Pinstripe Leopard Male 120g $650
    Enchi Banana Male 250g $650
    Highway Male 400g $3400
    Pastel Banana Male 280g $500
    Pastel Banana Male 240g $500
    Pastel Highway Male 550g $6000
    Bamboo female 650g $5400
    Bamboo Female 500g $4000
    Bamboo Citrus Pastel 500g $5800
    Bamboo Female 550g $5000
    Bamboo Male 550g $7400
    Bamboo Male 500g $7400
    Bamboo Pastel Male 550g $7500
    Balck head Female 750g $1400
    Blackhead Male 500g $1150
    Bongo Proven Breeder $8000
    Bongo Male 350g $7500
    Ghi Breeder Male 950g $850
    Pastave Female 1400g $550
    Phantom Goblin Male 900g $550
    Red Stripe Female 680g $550
    Super Pastel Male 550g $200
    Trick Spider 450g Male $400
    Cinnamon Banana Proven Breeder $950

    If you have any questions feel free to Call / Text me @ 7863578522 thanks

    If you would like pictures of anything on the list please feel free to contact

    me and let me know and i will be more then glad to send you pictures thanks


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    Elite Ballz , Isaac Martinez , Miami Fl , 786-357-8522


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