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Thread: Planted terrarium - earthworm + small larvae + yellow dots

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    Default Planted terrarium - earthworm + small larvae + yellow dots

    Hi, I just went through my planted terrarium which houses my gags and when I lifted their heavy food dish from the substrate found a slim, long, brownish earthworm in the bottom?! Then I looked inside the dish (it's a big feeding dish I use it to hold the contact lenses cases where I srve the CGD) and there was some stale water in the corner (from the misting) with a lot of small larvae swimming around :S has I got worried I started really looking at the substrate and now I can see a lot of yellow little balls spread everywhere?!

    What can this be? Should I be worried? Is it case to remove the plants and substrates and everything??

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    That's the beauty of an ecosystem. Lots of interesting creatures interacting with each other. It's probably fine. Some of those yellow dots may become mushrooms which I think are really cool in a planted environment. Enjoy.



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