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Thread: Gargoyles in 24x18x18 wide Exo Terras?

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    Default Gargoyles in 24x18x18 wide Exo Terras?

    Hi there, after a few year absence from keeping geckos I have been slowly preparing for getting another Gargoyle later this year. I had a female that I lost years ago due to a defect in her heart and I am just now at a point where I am ready for another. I've really missed keeping them.

    I have been purchasing the decorations, lighting, care accessories and am about to purchase an adult enclosure (already have a juvenile enclosure ready if I decide to go with a younger one). I was wondering, I have a spare 24Lx18Hx18xD Exo Terra that is sitting empty. I figured it would appreciate the extra width, but I was wondering if others used that size at all for Gargs and if the 18 inch height would be tall enough for them? My last one was in a 24 inch high viv.

    Thank you in advance for any input, was just hoping to find that out! If an 18 inch high by 24 long Exo isn't high enough, it is no problem and I will make sure I purchase a taller set up before I bring the new addition home, I just figured I'd ask.

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    A garg would be extremely happy in an exo of that size!
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