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Thread: mainland vs PI

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    Default mainland vs PI

    I hope this hasn't been discussed a million times, I've tried searching but it's coming up empty..
    What are the major differences between mainland and PI chewies? What's everyone's preferences out of the two and why?
    Which are more commonly seen in the hobby?

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    This is a great topic, for me. I've just purchased one of each. They are both about the same age and I will be taking lots of pictures and documenting the differences.

    From what I have seen, the PI tend to have a light band across the neck. This seems to be the most easily identifiable difference. They also seem to be more green as opposed to the darker Mainlanders.

    I am new to this, so I might be off in my newbie observations.

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    Both Mainland and PI Chahoua can develop the white "Collar". This is a sought after trait.
    The biggest difference is that PI Chahoua will tend to grow bigger and bulkier. Mainland's also tend to have pigments of brown/red/hint of green.
    While PI's can have lighter pigments of brown/beige/red/green/pink/black/sometimes hints of orange.

    Not much difference between the two, overall. Chahoua are probably my favorite Rhac's. They are very interactive compared to Gargs, Cresties, Saras.


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