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    I have a male crested gecko. As of today, he is 8 inches long (including tail) and 26 grams. Is this healthy weight for his size? I acquired him in September when he was 2 months old and now he is 8 months old. I saw a crested gecko sizing chart and it said at 8 months they should only be 13 grams (half if what he is)

    So, is it likely he is really 11 months (like the chart suggested) or is the chart incorrect... I just want to make sure my gecko is healthy.
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    They all grow at their own rates. One of mine grew really slowly, while the other grew twice as fast, and their age was around the same.
    As long as he's not skinny, and eating well I would say he's fine

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    I agree with Kitsune_Gem. Males in particular tend to be on the slim side. As long as he's active and not bony, he should be fine.
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    I think the OP is saying he is twice the size of the chart. but the same applies - they grow at their own pace and diet is a big part of it. If you feed bugs regularly, then they tend to grow much faster. but 8" and 26g sounds well-proportioned to me!
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