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Thread: 18x18x24 Exo (w/ background) + Fake plant + Feeding dish + Hydro Balls (pkg for $80)

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    Default 18x18x24 Exo (w/ background) + Fake plant + Feeding dish + Hydro Balls (pkg for $80)

    I recently moved my crestie to a slightly smaller terrarium as the 18x18x24 was too big of an environment for him and ended up being more of a maintenance overhead more than anything. I've already moved him to a slightly smaller setup so this tank is ready to go.

    The 18x18x24 Exo retails for $110 on Amazon.
    The tank is in great shape and has been cleaned thoroughly. Setup comes with the styrofoam background, a fake plant, a shallow feeding dish (can double as a water dish for a crestie), and the Hydro balls that I had for the setup which works great as a drainage layer if you'd like to have live plants or a waterfall in your terrarium.

    Asking $80 obo for all items as a package, cash only.
    **Not willing to ship due to risk of damaging/cracking the tank during shipment so local buyers only (seller is located in Coolidge Corner, near Boston).

    If you're interested shoot me a message.

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    This is now $70 for the package.
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    This has been sold! Thanks for playing.


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