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Thread: leachie locality

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    Default leachie locality

    so today I just acquired a 106g male juvenile leachie but the previous owner had no idea what locality it is. Is there any experts out there that might have some idea of locality by its structure or pattern? all feed back is appreciated.
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    i bought mine little over a week ago, with unknown localities. She and others from the group i bought from where bred for coloration and pattern so the localities are unknown. would be nice to know or at least pin point the locality.
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    I'm not an expert or a breeder, but I own 3 leachianus, 2 island and one GT locale-plus I've done a fair amount of reading about the species. Take my observations with a grain of salt!

    The only thing that is standing out to me is the patterning and tail length. The tail seems long for an island locale and the patterning seems high for a GT locale. I think that you may have a GTX, but the angle on the photos may be deceiving me as far as the length of the tail. You might have a better idea after a couple of years when this guy reaches adult weight. Regardless of what anyone may think, or even if this guy reaches 300g after 3 years, you can't ever truthfully and honestly mark this animal as any specific locale without information from whoever bred it/owned it previously. So if you ever want to breed or sell the animal you have to do so as "unknown locale". This isn't a dealbreaker for breeding as lots of people are breeding for particular traits not just locale specific.
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