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Thread: Two females in same tank?

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    Default Two females in same tank?

    I have read that gargs don't work well in pairs but I can't seem to find any good concrete information about it other than off-hand mentioning of slightly more territorial behaviour with them. Not sure.

    Anyone successfully house two+ females together in a fairly large tank? It would be a 18x18x24 for two if I were to attempt it.
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    I've always read that gargs should never be housed in the same tank, even if both are females as they tend to be much more territorial than cresties.
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    I have two gargoyle geckos and I would like to try this later on in a 55 gal. tank if my smaller gargoyle gecko( who is currently too small to be sexed) turns out to be female.

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    I had mine housed together. 2 adult females. I had no issues. Maybe I just got lucky..


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