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Thread: Got this lil guy today

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    The paste is a vasiline like consistency made of. Sorbitol fruits, honey, glucose, fructose, modified starch, acacia resin, pollen. Supposed to put bit here and there on branches ect they like to sit and they can snack on it. Does not sound like a great supplement food tho does it LOL sounds like junk food . Really I was at a point I was scared that I was not seeing him eat/ wondering if he's eating, and this is very easy to get on a finger, and in his mouth. I've since had a person who raises Gargs calm me down, this person did not whiteness one Garg eating for a year. I just keep weighing him like I have been, and as long as he does not drastically lose weight don't worry so haven't been doing the paste. I still put his food on my finger once in awhile cause it's cute to watch him lick it off. Licks like a tiny dog.

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    That sounds exactly like gecko junk food! haha! I've been known to put a dab of raw honey around Quinn's tank like they suggest with that paste. He loves it, and I know what's in it!

    It's so hard to see them eating since they're nocturnal, and I swear they wait til we leave to do it! I've only seen Quinn eat a couple times, and I've only seen shed on him once, and he was very offended I caught him in the middle of his stripping. lol. I found it best to put a tiny bit in the water bottle cap so I could gauge how much he was eating, and slowly increase it as the amount of food he was eating increased. It's also winter, at least where we are, so the food consumption is down a lot right now anyway. Watching them lap up their food with their tongues is super cute.
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