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Thread: Buy My Geckos!

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    Default Buy My Geckos!

    Geckos are located in San Diego: I can ship as soon as your weather permits.

    Please provide a zip code for fast shipping quote. Geckos can be held at no charge until weather permits shipping. Please PM with any questions.

    Probable Female, 16g (no pores!)
    Yellow and Cream Inkspot Dalmatian
    Produced by Myself: Sfingee (yellow dal, dragontown reptiles) x Tonic (yellow dal, treehugger reptiles)
    250$ plus ship FIRM
    Name:  20141216_163352.jpg
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Size:  88.6 KBName:  20141216_163255.jpg
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    Male, 26g
    Orange/Yellow Brindle Dalmatian
    Produced by Beachside Geckos: Manzie (super dal) x Freda (yellow dal)
    175$ plus ship OBO
    Name:  20141216_162438.jpg
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Size:  89.8 KBName:  20141216_162509.jpg
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Size:  89.0 KBName:  20141216_162448.jpg
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    Male, 6g
    Red Extreme Harlequin
    Produced by myself: Ray (rust/cream harlequin) x Evangeline (red/cream harlequin)
    150$ plus ship OBO
    Name:  20141216_163128.jpg
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Size:  90.2 KBName:  20141216_163105.jpg
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Size:  88.4 KBName:  20141216_163054.jpg
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    Male, 20g
    Red Harlequin
    Produced by myself: Ray x Evangeline
    75$ plus ship OBO
    Name:  20141105_195220.jpg
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    Male, 50g
    Yellow Brindle/Flame Super Dalmatian
    Proven, Crowned
    Prouced by SinCity Reptiles
    250$ plus ship, FIRM
    Name:  20140904_184011.jpg
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    Probable female and red male herliquin SOLD! All remaining geckos are best offer


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