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Maverick Baby
Citrus Tiger
This Maverick kid will end up a very bright yellow and with a lot of Tiger pattern. This is a very fun project to get into for anyone wanting to produce bright colored geckos or even refine color in your geckos!
$250 + Shipping
Name:  Maverick 9-28 4g 0.jpg
Views: 79
Size:  97.3 KBName:  Maverick 9-28 4g pic2 0.jpg
Views: 65
Size:  101.5 KB
$250 + Shipping
Name:  Alistair 10-27 3g 0 .jpg
Views: 63
Size:  94.0 KBName:  Alistair 10-27 3g 0.jpg
Views: 62
Size:  96.2 KB
Name:  2014-11-23 05.32.18.jpg
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Size:  102.2 KB
Barbaro (DD Line) x Rikki (Northern Gecko line) Baby
$300 + Shipping
Name:  Barbaro x Rikki 11-11 3g pic2 5 .jpg
Views: 68
Size:  95.2 KBName:  Barbaro x Rikki 11-11 3g 5.jpg
Views: 64
Size:  96.2 KB
Sully Baby
$225 + Shipping
Name:  Sully 11-5  3g 5.jpg
Views: 61
Size:  97.2 KBName:  Sully 11-5  3g pic2 5 .jpg
Views: 62
Size:  95.4 KB
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