I still have shipping weather open for about another week or so as far as I can tell for the lower states.
However I will be more than happy to hold any gecko for you over the winter with a 25% non-refundable deposit and payments made before the animal is to be shipped.
Discounts on multiple purchases! Please PM me if you would like to see parent photos (available on my website, iHerp, and Facebook), or more photos of the geckos. Or if you have any further questions!

DOH: 9/7/14
Fox x Belle (breeder loan from Shananigan Exotics)
Unsexed | 2 grams

$125 + Shipping

This gecko's pattern will creep and crawl with age and get creamier by the day!
Name:  46486.jpg
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Mako (breeder loan with Shananigan Exotics) x Vegas
Unsexed | 2 grams

$130 + Shipping

Previously a holdback. This creamy baby loves its bugs!
Name:  156156.jpg
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Fox x Midna
Unsexed | 3 grams

$175 + Shipping

This one's pattern is constantly changing and growing everytime I see it shed. It's got a pretty interesting thing going on.
Name:  Untitled-1.jpg
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Fox x Midna
Unsexed | 3 grams

$150 + Shipping

Nice wide neck and dorsal. Great structure all around! Should cream out very nicely as it ages.
Name:  Untitled-1.jpg
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(In shed during photos, sorry!)
Mako (Breeder loan from Shannon Farley) x Nova
Unsexed | 2 grams

$60 + Shipping

This kid has a pretty wide dorsal and some creamy laterals peeking up. It does have pattern on its legs, sorry about the poor photo!
This kid got a lot of what both parents had to offer. Eating well on Dubia nymphs and PFMC.
Name:  158648.jpg
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Mako (William Bedard) x Isis (Loan from Syren's Eye Geckos)
Unsexed | 2 grams


This kid I have a feeling will end up yellow, or atleast some kind of light base. I'm not sure what the pattern is doing or where the cream will end up. It's an interesting kid! Looks like it'll have it's dad's big floppy crown when it gets older.
Name:  15864.jpg
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