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Thread: 1.1 Adult Grand Terre X Adam Lieberman "Pinky" line leachianus

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    Default 1.1 Adult Grand Terre X Adam Lieberman "Pinky" line leachianus

    I have a 5 year old pair of GT type A X Island (Adam Lieberman "Pinky" line) leachianus I am looking to sell. Had to move and I just really need to get more space. Getting into other hobbies.

    When I purchased them a few years ago, the male weighed nearly 300 grams and the female was 375. So they are huge. I don't have a gram scale where I could weigh them now but I don't think they have shrunk any since I got them.

    They have laid 4 clutches for me. 2 of them I found in time but my nice incubator broke and I haven't gotten anything to hatch. I am no good at getting things to hatch honestly lol; I've hatched one leachianus egg and a few crested geckos but thats about it. Adam got them to lay eggs that hatched.

    These are really just awesome; they have pattern like the island forms but are about twice as big. They have different type A dams.

    I am asking 2900 for them

    Haven't shipped reptiles in 5 years but I could try; would really like a local sale or a reasonable drive. I live near Nashville, TN.

    I have other pics too, email me if seriously interested.


    Jackson M

    *Important Edit*

    I was looking at the leachianus last night and I want to show you this pic of the male
    He has a ever so slight offset of his jaw to the right. It is just barely noticeable in the picture. I wouldn’t really even call it an underbite or anything because the bottom jaw appears to be the correct length / size. He had this when I bought him; Adam didn’t mention it (not really blaming him, maybe just didn't see it in the original photos). To me, this is not a problem, he eats fine but I just really don’t want anyone to be ‘surprised’ by anything, no matter how small.

    I should have mentioned this earlier

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    Jackson Mooneyham
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    More pics... male is darker one that is facing away.
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