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Thread: New leachies!

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    Default New leachies!

    Life is too short to not have some leachies!

    Iíve wanted a pair of leachies for about 4 years now. I always told myself, ďone day, Iíll buy a pair of them and it will be great, one day.Ē

    If there is one thing that getting hurt in all 4 limbs and being barely able to move has taught me is that a savings account does not make you happy. Iím not advocating mindless spending, just advocating living your life. Donít wait for tomorrow if you donít have to.

    Iím extremely pleased with these two beauties! Toby is a pure Isle E (not fully fired here) and Olive is a pure NuuAna. Both will be RTB soon. I got them a few weeks before I went to Panama but didn't want to announce them until I got back.

    They are a delight to handle and work with. I love their strength, their wrinkles, and their markings. They are also a lot noisier than a crestie. Olive just laid two perfect dud eggs for me last night too!

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    Awesome! LOVE the looks to the top one!!!


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