I have a bunch of geckos available, you will find a few of them below.
Shipping is available via SYR or RE, buyer's choice. Pick up at NARBC Tinley (we're vending!) or Midwest Reptile Show also a possibility.
Feel free to message with any questions, terms of sale, and more information.


Eleanor, proven female, $200
From Aritonnic
Name:  DSC06868.jpg
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Size:  89.1 KB

Chaps, female @ 23 grams, $180
From JB's Donut & Pembryn
Name:  DSC06996.jpg
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Size:  83.8 KB

Captain, young male, $100
From Altitude Exotics
Name:  DSC07337.jpg
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Sheridan, no pores @ 5.3 grams- $200
GT x Cream Puff
Name:  DSC07507.jpg
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Versailles, probably female- $200
GT x Cream Puff, 17 grams
*Has issue with tip of tail that we are working on healing
Name:  DSC07389.jpg
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Kirkland, unsexed (no pores showing yet, only 4 grams), $225
From Spike x Nala
Name:  DSC06269.jpg
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Oaxaca, female, 34 grams, $150
Produced by AJD Reptiles
Name:  DSC06904.jpg
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Captain America - unsexed, $200
Thor x Lemon Parfait
Name:  DSC07358.jpg
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