Progression photos of Goo - available for $120 plus ship, out of Ace x Jester. Currently 4 grams, unsexed.

Syncope, unsexed and fired up, out of Daisy x Therian. Approx 4 grams.

Dreamcatcher, unsexed and partially fired, out of Ace x Jester. Approx 4 grams.
$120 + ship

Therian - When he's fired, this guy is absolutely amazing; he doesn't fire very often though, so expect to see him looking muddy an awful lot. Only reason I'm selling him is because he doesn't quite fit into my projects, and his genetics are gooooorgeous.
Proven male - $300+ ship

Gershwin - Not as much pattern as some of the siblings, but holy cow is this kid packing some awesome genetics!
$40 + ship

Comet - This is one of only a very few Tonka x Ace babies I'll be letting go this season.

Elodie - 19 gram male out of JB's Dr. Pepper
$300 + ship